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Stalking a Birkin bag

January 11, 2009

So I just got back from New York aka my future home. I love it there, had a great time and met some great people.

One of the first days on the trip I was walking down the street when out of the corner my eye I spotted one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen: a Hermes Birkin bag. I did a double take, then immediately turned around and followed the woman down the street for two blocks just to look at it. It was a mousy grey color and it was beautiful. I want. Now I just have to convince my bank to throw an extra $7000 in my account and convince Hermes to make a bag for a lowly commoner like me.  The lady with the bag must have been important. I didn’t know who she was though and was more concerned with the bag. I had never seen one in person before.


Another exciting part of my trip: Seeing Vanessa from Gossip Girl in SoHo. It looked like her, but probably wasn’t her. That’s ok, I’ll just pretend. I’ll also pretend I met the rest of cast and they invited me for drinks at The Carlyle. Did I not tell you that?

I didn’t want to leave the city. I love it there. I can’t wait until I move there and have a low salaried job and an apartment in Brooklyn the size of my fridge.

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