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It’s hard to live in the city.

January 26, 2009

I kind of love Whitney Port’s new Hill’s spin-off, The City. I finally watched last weeks episode

My favorite things about the show:

  •  The fact that an entry level PR assistant lives in a $2-3 million apartment in Gramercy with a balcony that lets her look out at the city and ponder whether or not she can trust anyone.
  • Allie and Adam’s fights

            Allie:   “Every time I go out of town do you have to have some drunk party with girls I don’t   know?”

            Adam: “I’m sorry honey.”

  •  Whitney’s ridiculous and inappropriate work wardrobe and the fact that Whitney can wear a dress that is about six inches too short and heels that are about three inches to tall for an interview and still get a job. DVF needed some celebrity PR.
  • How every episode Olivia acknowledges herself as a “social” and gets offended if people don’t know what that means.
  • Jay’s hat and sunglass collection
  • how Whitney ‘risked’ everything to move to New York; and watching her decide whether or not she can trust people every episode makes the show even better.
  • How frequently the word ‘drama’ is used throughout each episode.
  • Adam + Allie= the new Speidi

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