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Missing the bullseye.

January 28, 2009

Target announced today that it is cutting 600 jobs at Headquarters and 400 unfilled positions.  

So far no one has said anything about the layoffs affecting the stores. Cross your fingers that I still have a job.

I want to wear red and khaki after graduation! Yes, you heard me correctly. Normally I would not support two of the most unflattering colors in the history of colors on me, but better those than all my pretty clothes having to shield me from the cold when I’m homeless because I have no job.

Also, since majority of Target’s profits come from its apparel sales, please go out and buy some of Alexander McQueen’s line for Target when it hits stores. I lied. It isn’t dull and boring. It’s all pretty and fabulous and like nothing you have ever seen before. Plus if you buy some of it when it hits stores you will save me from being jobless and homeless. And Minnesota can get pretty cold in the Winter.

Also, go out and buy Thakoon for Target while you can. Michelle Obama likes the designer, so you know he’s cool.

Alright, Go Target. You’re the big corporation that could.


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