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E-Trade chimp cha cha cha’s.

February 1, 2009

Happy Superbowl day. So I hear the football game is between the Philadelphia Steelers and Arizona Cardinals? I think. And apparently people want Arizona to win because it has never been to the Superbowl before, but Philadelphia has played in several. And I guess the game will be good because Philadelphia has a good defense and Arizona has a good offense. This is the extent of what I know about the football part of the Superbowl, which I am not sure if all of this information is even correct.

My favorite part of the Superbowl is the commercials, because companies spend upwards of $2-3 million on each ad, so I think we should pay them some respect and watch their work. The commercials are more entertaining for me to watch than the football game.

Today is like Christmas for ad enthusiasts, so in honor of the holiday, I will include my favorite Superbowl commercial of all time. The commercial that holds the title in my head is from the 2000 Superbowl between the teams I have no clue and who cares? I was 12 when this commercial aired, sitting in my living room with my family.

The commercial I am talking about is the E-Trade monkey commercial. The ad ran after the  huge dot-com boom. It was genius (in my head) because of its simple stupidity and self-deprecating humor. The ad features two older guys clapping along with a monkey dancing to cha cha cha music. The company makes fun of itself for the way it just spent its money and poses a question about how you will spend your money at the end of it. This commercial was also very inexpensive to make compared to other ads that were aired.

Here is the commercial:

On another note, Bruce Springsteen will be performing at half time. Will there be another Janet Jackson moment? Well Bruce, will there be…huh? Probably not, but I’m sure he will entertain.

I will be watching anxiously tonight, hoping for many commercials filled with talking Babies and dancing monkeys and will report back on my findings. We’ll see if the economy plays a big factor with the Superbowl commercials as well.

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  1. greentogrey permalink
    February 1, 2009 11:56 pm

    amen sister!

    marketing/pr dream!

    i am watching the ads as we speak!

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