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Babies and monkeys, thank god.

February 2, 2009

So I was pretty disappointed with the amount of different Superbowl ads and the entertainment factor of the majority of them. However, with the economy the way it is I wasn’t sure how thrilling the breaks from the football game would actually be (they still proved to be more exciting than the actual game in my opinion). It seemed like many companies were opting out of advertisements this year. FedEx and General Motors were two of the companies that opted out of buying a spot this year. It looked like the majority of the commercials were NBC run advertisements–TV and movie trailers. NBC was still able to cover about 90 % of its spots according to CNN with each 30 second commercial costing $3 million. I guess companies are thinking advertising is not the place to skimp on in the failing economy.

There were a few advertisements this year that I thought were promising. And as hoped, E-trade launched another baby commercial and Pepsi used monkeys.

My favorite ads from this years Superbowl were (not in any particular order):

  1. The Bridgestone Mr. Potato head commercial–I love the angry wife/annoyed husband reference.
  2. The Pepsi Bob Dylan/Will.I.Am Forever Young commercial–pretty much a feel good commercial all around. A lot of advertisements also had a retro theme to them which I liked.
  3. Budweiser circus Clydesdale’s in love ad–I’m so happy the fat circus lady got knocked to the ground at the end and the horses were reunited. It was just so endearing.
  4. E-Trade babies talking about the economy. E-Trade never fails me.

Here’s the Pepsi Bob Dylan ad. Bob Dylan is such a fox.

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