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Google puts a stop to inebriated e-mails…

February 2, 2009

Google is putting an end to drunken e-mailing.

Drunk dialing was so 2004. With e-mail capabilities on phones now, calling people during or after a long night out has become a thing of the past. Everyone remembers banning themselves from calling people while inebriated. The only way this could be controlled though was to change the names in our address books from “Matt Biology class” to “Don’t call” or “Don’t answer.”

And sometimes doing this can even make it more enticing to call or pick up the phone, especially because people are invincible while drinking. The forbidden fruit looks better to Adam and Eve when it’s forbidden.

Since e-mail has replaced phone calls to some extent, how do we stop ourselves from sending an e-mail to our boss, co-worker or teacher after a late night out? Google mail goggles has come to the rescue on this one. When you register your e-mail with this, you are required to answer five relatively simple questions, but complex for the inebriated. I’m sure this will stop many awkward conversations from happening on Monday mornings.

This software invention could do a lot of good for facebook also. Think of how many fewer regrets the drunk freshman girls of the world would have on Sunday mornings when they woke up and realized as they were drinking Bacardi Limone and listening to Rhianna Fall Out Boy in their dorm rooms on Saturday night, they were not also sending drunk facebook messages to all the boys in their classes.

Google has once again started a revolution.

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  1. February 2, 2009 6:00 pm

    this is so great! although i think i won’t do it because it’d be really annoying to answer questions before every email is sent…but for those with a problem, awesome!

  2. alexandraandthecity permalink
    February 2, 2009 7:19 pm

    don’t hate on rhianna.

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