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February 3, 2009

Gossip Girl proves again to be the Best.Show.Ever.

Love it:

Banana Republic was very well represented in the Upper East Side this episode. Ms. Carr seems to be the one who loves BR. She was wearing the grey Banana Republic coat again this episode as well as an ivory polo sweater from BR.

Gossip Girl Insider

Gossip Girl Insider

The Realtor showing the house to Chuck was also wearing the turquoise silk cowl neck top with puff sleeves from BR’s holiday line.

Dorota is totally becoming a more prominent character, which I love! I bet Dorota gets nominated for an Emmy but loses to Serena’s boobs, which play a more prominent role in the show.

Serena was less of a hussy this episode. Her boobs were actually inside her shirt for once. If she keeps this up her boobs may only be nominated for a supporting role.

Chuck got a haircut. I like. I also loved his coat.

Did the girls of Constance get new phones?

The Jenny raccoon eyes and The Incredibles reference was really funny.

Don’t really like it:

Vanessa and Nate: boring.

Ms Carr would never live in an apartment like that–who is she sleeping with to have that kind of apartment? Certainly not just Dan. My bet is that she was part of that so called “gentleman’s club” and was actually sleeping with Bart Bass on the side. He probably left her some pocket change in his will (approxiamately $3-4 million), then she probably killed him off so she could get that money and buy that fabulous apartment.

Dan=creeper “i like your sweater”. Ms. Carr=even bigger creeper

When is Chuck’s uncle going to reappear. I want to know what happened with him and Blair.

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