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Gossip Girl favorites.

February 12, 2009

I’ve been very distraught over the fact that there are no new Gossip Girl episodes until March. In hopes to mask my depression I will do a Gossip Girl related blog on some of my favorite outfits on the show. There are way too many favorites to count them all, but here are a few that have always stuck out in my mind.


This photo is from the thanksgiving episode “Blair Waldorf must pie.” This outfit is the reason I started knitting a capelet and bought a similar Theory one. I love it all; the lace dress, the tights, the capelet. I want.







Because every girl needs a big poofy party dress to cry in while they are contemplating sleeping with their boyfriend’s best friend after their actual boyfriend didn’t show up for their birthday party. This photo is from the episode “Seventeen Candles.”

Gossip Girl Insider


This photo is from the episode “The Wild Brunch.” I love it for two reasons. One, because it’s a gorgeous dress and I need to own it. And two, because this is during Serena’s younger, innocent days, before costume designer Eric Daman turned her into the slut we all know her for now.







This photo is from the episode “Summer Kind of Wonderful.” I love Nate’s outfit here, because I love when rich, classy “hippie” guys do the linen pants and see-through white v-neck shirt thing. The only thing missing here is a Giorgio Armani hemp necklace.







This photo is from the episode Victor Victrola. Chuck looks great no matter what he wears or how drunk he is.




And who could forget Chuck in the sequin tux? What a man. This photo is from the episode “It’s a Wonderful Lie.”










Notice how I (ahem) forget to include Jenny Humphrey in this compilation. But see below, it looks like she is going to try out to be a real housewife of Orange County. Now if only she would show as much boob as Serena does on a daily basis, she’d be there.


Now I just have to be brave and make it through the next three weeks without my Monday night rock.

P.S. Gossip Girl Insider had an ad up for an open casting call and I may have applied. One step closer to being friends with the cast of Gossip Girl, right? And I think they need a red head on the show. If Blair’s going to be with Nate (WTF? BTW), I’ll be Chuck’s love interest.

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