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The lowly commoner gets treated nicely for a change.

February 22, 2009

Just read an article in the New York Times, which was then copied two days later by The Wall Street Journal about how the sales staff at high end designer stores are learning to work for their money. The sales staff is starting to treat the “Joe the plumbers” of the world with some respect when they walk into the store. OK, maybe not “Joe the Plumber,” because he would never step foot into CHANEL or PRADA, but rather the “Emily the underpaid fashion editors” of the world, (someone I hope to be eventually).

A sales person that worked at YSL on Madison Avenue in New York said:

“It’s nothing personal. It is a common and effective practice to size up a customer by looking at two simple things: his watch and his shoes. If the accessories are not expensive, he is not worth the effort of even a simple hello.”

Well, not anymore. The sales staff at designer stores are now groveling at the site of anyone that walks into their shop wearing $60 Steve Madden’s and a FOSSIL watch. I have yet to notice this change in Minneapolis. When I walked into Neiman Marcus the sales staff practically sprinted away when I made eye contact with them. And the sales person looked at me like I was asking her to buy me the nude patent leather peep-toe PRADA heels when all I asked was to try them on.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. When the economy turns back around, be ready to put on your nice shoes, pearls and fur coat to get any service on Madison Avenue. But for now, enjoy the free Pellegrino and the endless amount of compliments on your $40 Gap dress.

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