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Oprah learns to share.

March 7, 2009

The Oprah Magazine recently turned nine years old and is just starting to act its age. The magazine finally learned the valuable lesson of sharing. This month Oprah shared the cover of her magazine with someone other than her skinnier self. Michelle Obama appeared, looking very sunny in the current issue.

Now, onto another talk show mogul–Ellen Degeneres recently said on her show that she has set a new goal for herself. After accomplishing her last one by getting George Clooney to appear on her show, the next one she has set for herself is to be on the cover of The Oprah Magazine. Ellen, Oprah just opened the cover up to someone other than herself for the first time in its nine year career, so maybe you should make this more of a long term goal. Then again, maybe she could squeeze you into the background of one of the covers for the coming months. In the words I sang at Karaoke last night, Don’t Stop Believing.

What valuable life lesson will you learn next, Oprah?

US Mag

US Mag

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