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Miss Carr is Mary Kay Letourneau (except without the babies…yet!)

March 17, 2009

I think I was just as excited for the new Gossip Girl episode last night as I was when Britney Spears’ hair grew back and she made a comeback.

So apparently Miss Carr only shops at Banana Republic. And she recycles her clothing. Last night she wore the same brown tweed Banana Republic skirt that she wore in the last episode. She also wore a red silk Banana Republic shirt and a necklace from Fall. Recycling clothing is a sin on the Upper East Side. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the 11th commandment in Blair’s world: Thou shalt not wear the same outfit (or headband!) twice. Get thee to confession, Miss Carr or you’re going to Hell (and not just for recycling clothing).

Speaking of Dan, I was glad to see he finally came to his senses and ended the weird teacher-student relationship he had with Miss Carr. This break-up came at a great time, right after the closet sex. I predict a trailer three weeks from now showing Miss Carr taking a pregnancy test and Dan, just having found out the news looking out of his small Brooklyn apartment window pondering whether or not he is ready to be a father. Then the director will shoot to Serena looking troubled as always.

I was also glad to see Dorota relaxing in last nights episode. Blair wanted to be alone while she was out wallowing in her own self pity, which gave Dorota a night off to wear a big fluffy pink robe and lounge around the Waldorf’s penthouse. While the cats away, the mice will play.


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