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American Idol is fixed? Shocking.

March 18, 2009

The dreams of millions of horrible but hopeful singers have been crushed. No longer can average singers rely on multiple votes from friends or family members and everyone connected to them to get them into the top four on America’s most over-watched show. An American Idol staff member, that shall remain nameless, because I don’t know his/her name has leaked something to the public that we all already knew to begin with: American Idol is fixed.

The producers decide the top four. But don’t worry, your votes count up until the last few weeks. This seasons supposed picks for top four on American Idol are Lil Rounds, Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace. I found this funny, because a few days ago while I was flipping through this months issue of People  magazine I was thinking about the producers favorites while reading an article that showcased the contestants. Lil Rounds, Gokey and Lambert were all featured on full page spreads while the other contestants were just succumbed to thumbnails in the article.

We’ll have to watch the top 4 results night and see whether or not this is true and this list of people makes it through.

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