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It’s a jungle in TV Land.

April 12, 2009

The cougar is on the prowl. TV Land (yes, the same network that shows The Beverly Hillbillies) just launched a new show set to air April 15 in which the young frat boys of America compete for the love of 40-year-old commercial real estate broker Stacey Anderson.

Sounds like a winning concept to me. If Bret Michaels, Flava Flav and the guy everyone hates from the last Bachelor get the chance to find “love” on reality television, then surely middle-aged women looking for men that are the same age as their sons should get that same opportunity too. Yo go girl, sow your oats.

What to look forward to: The contestants making references to jungles and meat. Example: Bodie, a 23-year-old pool boy said:

“I really hope this cougar likes lamb, because I’m nice and sweet and tender.”

Mothers everywhere: hold on to your babies, because the cougar is ready to pounce. Rawr.


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