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The Cougar is head-turning.

April 15, 2009

Yes, tonight I decided to turn the TV to channel 43 to tune into TV Land’s new show, The Cougar. Wow and what an hour well spent it was. Between the references to jungles, the quip about an australian kiss (the boy crudily explained it as one “down-under”) and the head-turning, ‘kiss-off’ elimination, this show is a real winner.

My pick for the two best lines of the show are:

“There is one cougar and a bunch of wolves. My strategy is to wear the brightest colors possible to stand out in this jungle” -said one of the toddler boys on the show.


“What’s the right type of girl for you?” says Stacey “I’m looking right at her” says the police officer in a melodramatic voice.

I’m so happy Vivica Fox is the host. Who better than the self -proclaimed ‘cougar’ to host the show? Fox has tons of experience with younger men as she likes to broadcast, so she will be able to give Stacey some sound advice.

I’ve picked Colt as my favorite so far, because he acknowledged that age is not just a number, basically making fun of the whole concept of the show.

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  1. heidizuehlke permalink
    April 16, 2009 12:06 pm

    I think the Cougar needs a visit from a fierce red-head to give her some tips on LIFE!

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