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A little too much spring jammed into the weekend.

April 26, 2009
MN Daily

MN Daily

I could not be happier that Spring Jam weekend is over. Luckily I was sick for a lot of the weekend and did not need to make up any excuses as to why I would not be partaking in the festivities. Even though I did not celebrate I did see enough sexually frustrated frat boys to last me a lifetime. Lucky for them, they would not be sexually frustrated for long, judging by the company they had dancing on their patios.

The University of Minnesota made headlines late last night after riots broke out in Dinkytown. A house party got a little out of control and so, naturally, these party-goers decided it would be wise to start throwing glass bottles into the street and starting a fire. This then moved the party into the street.  When police came to break the riot up, students started throwing glass bottles at them. How great this makes the University look!

Watch the videos here. And watch a really funny video, including a guy falling off a bike, here.

I think I would have rather got this pig flu that’s going around than been in Dinkytown this weekend. Minneapolis city workers get the luxury of cleaning up the streets today while the students sleep through their hangovers.

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