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Head butting happenings at the Met Gala.

May 8, 2009
Courtesy NYPOST

Courtesy NYPOST

The new fall accessory for Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s Proenza Schouler collection? Nose bandages, courtesy Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer, you were at an after party for the Met Gala, not on the set of 24 — Leave breaking noses to Jack Bauer.

Kiefer got a little too sloshed at the Met Gala after party in SoHo and head-butted Proenza Schouler designer Jack McCollough after he interrupted a conversation Kiefer was having with Brooke Shields to say hi. Word is Anna Wintour is angry over the incident. And you don’t want to make A-Dubs angry, Kiefer.

June will mark his third court appearance, which means he’s on his way to having more drinking related court appearances than Liza Minelli has had divorces.

Hang in there Jack.

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