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Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds has lupus.

June 17, 2009

The drug LSD was not the original Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Lucy Vodden is. I guess that is debatable though. It was The Beatles and it was the 1960s.

The psychedelic song was influenced by John Lennon’s son, Julien Lennon, when he brought home a picture he drew in school around the age of four. Julien named the picture “Lucy in the Sky With diamonds,” after his friend Lucy Vodden.

Vodden was diagnosed with lupus about five years ago after suffering complications from other serious health problems.

Julien has been by his old friends virtual side via text messaging since he found out about her health condition. He has also been sending her gift certificates to a nearby gardening center which he knows is a hobby she loves.

Get well Lucy.

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